About Us

At Integrated Vacation Systems we are dedicated to providing a win-win-win online experience for vacationers, vacation rental home owners and vacation rental agencies. We applied ten years of experience in the vacation rental property software and listing business in Europe and looked carefully at the key competition.

But more importantly we talked to vacationers as well as vacation rental owners and professional vacation rental managers about what they wanted.  Here are a few highlights:

What did we hear from vacationers? Here's what you told us:
  • We want a good selection of quality properties where WE want to vacation and at affordable prices.
  • We want to be able to find vacation rentals easily online.
  • We want a smooth, no hassle process when renting our vacation property.
What did we hear from vacation rental owners (especially single property owners)? Here's what you told us:
  • We want more vacationers to be able to find us online - and to keep our property(s) rented as much as possible.
  • We want the rental process to be as easy and painless as possible for vacationers and us.
What did we hear from vacation rental property managers? Here's what you told us:
  • We can always use more visibility online for our properties - better rankings on Google and elsewhere on the Web - to increase our inquiries and bookings - and keep our owners happy.
  • We know that we need software to manage our business, but it needs to be really easy-to-use because we don't want to be technology experts too; we've got enough to do.
  • We would prefer online vacation software that streamlines our vacation rental process for us, our vacationers, and owners and needs to be flexible enough to meet our specific vacation rental needs -- since our business is a bit different from others.
  • We do NOT want to pay a big upfront software fee, commissions on our bookings, or incur other "surprise" costs.
The Result myBlueChipRentals.com and our associated products, VRA Pro and OWL Manager

You be the judges on how we're doing.

Vacationers can search www.myBlueChipRentals.com easily and for free - as well as respond directly to owners/agencies, save "favorite" properties, see and write property reviews, etc .

Owners can list one property for free on www.myBlueChipRentals.com for as long as they want - and if they have more properties (and need a better management system) can purchase online listings at a great price (and try our Owner Plus online software 90 days FREE - no obligation).

Vacation rental agencies can try our complete VRA PRO vacation rental management software online for 90 days with no obligation (and list all of their properties). No obligation then purchase or not. Or agencies can simply purchase listings on the www.myBlueChipRentals.com site.

Vacation rental listing website managers can try our complete OWL management software. Use your website template to allow owners, agencies and vacationers to come together on YOUR website. Complete signup and serach factilities as weel as support for calendars and online reservations right out of the box.

Integrated Vacation Systems, located in Thornwood, NY, is the owner of VRA PRO, OWL and myBlueChipRentals.com.