Inquiry Management

track and manage every vacationer inquiry easily and automatically

Vacation Rental Software VRAPro

All vacationer inquiries (any contact before a confirmed reservation), along with any replies you make and all subsequent workflow steps, are stored in our secure VRA PRO system. This allows you to keep track of an inquiry "thread" without having to sort through numerous, messy emails. Inquiries can be immediately entered by vacationers via your website, or your listings on www.myBlueChipRentals.com, or other listing sites you may use. Plus, you can also enter any inquiry that comes in by phone into your VRA PRO portal. In addition, a vacationer contact list is automatically created based on inquiries and reservations.

All inquiries and replies are also automatically sent to you via email at the time of the inquiry/reply. The information is in the system and accessible, but you can also choose to have emails sent to you automatically - each time that you get an inquiry via your website.

Similarly, all reservations are stored with our EZ Reservations and produce a set of events that are used to monitor the reservation from confirmation though to cleaning and damage deposit refund - and then through a review process (per vacationer account). EZ Inquiry Management is fully integrated with our EZ Reservations Management -- and every other component of the VRA PRO system.

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