Integration to Your Website

help super-charge your current site & streamline your vacation rental process, online

IN ADDITION TO OUR WEB-BASED SOFTWARE THAT YOU ACCESS VIA YOUR OWN "PORTAL" ONCE YOU SIGN IN, WE PROVIDE THE SET-UP SERVICES TO INTEGRATE VRA PRO, SEAMLESSLY, INTO YOUR VACATION RENTAL WEBSITE. Basically, your site is going have the same "look" before and after you start using VRA PRO. BUT it's going to be a lot better online experience for visitors and owners - as the vehicle for your vacationers to see all the information they want displayed, real-time - and to input their data (so that you can immediately access it behind-the-scenes in the VRA PRO system). Like you've never been able to do before.

DEPENDING ON THE VRA PRO FUNCTIONAL ITEMS THAT YOU DECIDE TO USE THERE WOULD BE ONLY SLIGHT WEBSITE CHANGES TO SUCH THINGS AS YOUR SEARCH, PROPERTY LISTING, AND CALENDAR PAGES. BUT your page designs will not change. For example, we will provide you the ability to display your properties on a customized Google-driven map of your area - a very unique feature compared to other agency sites - but only if that is something you decide you want to show on your site. See our Agency Site example.

And if you don't already have some or all of these functions on your website, we'll enable them for you:

  • Search by virtually any property data that you are inputting into the system.
  • Listing and display of each property with key information, and including multiple photographs, etc).
  • Mapping as a new feature for vacationers to find and display your properties.
  • Calendar for each property showing real-time availability in ONE single place: your very own mater calendar. Read more.
  • Reservations which you choose from three options how to handle online. Read more.
  • Owner Accounts Log In for owners to sign in on your site and have (limited) access to view and change property or black-out information (as determined by you).

What if you need a completely new site - or don't have a site but still want to use our VRA PRO system?

Although virtually all clients have an existing website, you do not need one to manage your properties using the Vacation Rental Agency PRO system. Your listings will automatically be entered on our myBlueChipRentals listing website, where prospective vacationers will be searching for properties to rent. Inquiries and reservations can be entered on this website and managed by our system. Just log in to your account and you're ready to manage all aspects of your vacation rentals online. See our Demo

If you need a new website, we work with partner design firms that can provide you an excellent, high quality design. Just contact us to find out more. Also, if you need a new site, we will host it for free as long as you are a VRA PRO client.

Please check out our VRAPro Demo to see just how easy it is to use.