Reminder Management

invaluable time-savers every day to automate the details of every vacation rental account

Vacation Rental Software VRAPro

With VRA PRO your business will now run like clock-work - so that you too, can take vacations when you want! VRA PRO lets you set up reminders - related to each reservation - automatically entered during the reservation process. Then you can easily track each important step in the process within the VRA PRO system as well as automatically (or manually) send emails/information to vacationers, third parties, and yourself (or your internal staff) to ensure that every detail is handled according to schedule. Some of those key steps include:

  • Reservation confirmations
  • Rental agreements/contracts/invoices
  • Payment schedules (and the system showing outstanding balances at every point)
  • Payment receipts
  • Payment reminders
  • Past-due notices
  • Refunds due
  • Welcome and thank you emails (with rental document, etc attachments that can be sent automatically on a schedule once a reservation is confirmed)
  • Rental documents (driving directions/maps, key locations/alarm codes, check-in and out instructions, etc)
  • 3rd party/internal House Cleaning, Security, Maintenance (and tickets), etc notifications