All Inclusive Services

not just online vacation rental software

Set-up, Training, and ongoing Support Services - are all part of the VRA PRO system - at no additional cost (while other competitors charge an arm & a leg for the services - buyer beware!) We take as much pride in our services as our web-based software system so that you'll get the maximum benefit from VRA PRO.

System Set-Up - Included

Here are the Set-up Steps after you've signed up for VRA PRO

FIRST we set up your own account and portal: your own view of your information and the web-based VRA PRO software you'll use to manage it. See the VRA PRO features to give you a quick idea of the software itself and how easy it is to use.

NEXT, the way to get the most benefit from the VRA PRO system is to have it integrated into your vacation rental agency's website. What does that mean? In simplest terms we customize some of your existing web pages to be able to both:

a) display your property and related data on your site (without changing its basic look) and
b) enable vacationers to interact with the VRA PRO system by providing inquiry and reservation requests directly on your site (with that data then being entered directly into your portal of the system).

As the IT professionals who developed the VRA PRO system, we also take the responsibility of integrating your property and other data - via our system - into your existing website.

We'll take a look at your website, ask what components you want to use, access your current property data and enter it (so that you don't have to re-enter anything), do our custom code work - and then hand that back to your website management company to post on your site. This might take them an hour or two and is the only additional cost you may need to incur.

That's IT. Your website and VRA PRO are ready to go - within 30 days or less of signing up.

Training by email & phone - Included

In addition to the free Set-Up of your VRA PRO system, we provide a comprehensive, yet easily understandable VRA PRO Manual which you can access as soon as you set up your account.

If you need further assistance we'll also provide a free phone training session to guide you in learning the system.

Ongoing Support - Included

If you have any questions or issues once you are up and running on VRA PRO, you'll always have FREE access to our Support Service which is available during business hours 8:00AM-5:00PM EA Mon-Fri or by email at support@integratedvacationsystems.com or phone at 877-766-6579. Usually, we'll be able to respond in one hour or less during business hours.