Getting It All Set Up

Simple to get going

Since VRA PRO is a fully integrated system we need to have your property data in our databases. Initially, we will enter all of your data into our system. Usually, we can extract your current property data (including photos) and reservation data from your database for uploading into our system as part of the initial set-up, or if necessary you can send us a spreadsheet with all of your current property and reservation information, and we will enter it. After the initial Set-Up, you're in charge of editing, adding, and deleting your property and related information - but we'll make sure that you're comfortable doing every step. Note that before VRA PRO is integrated to site, you can enter information for one property - to check out the process - and even see it on www.myBlueChipRentals.com.

One system for all your current disparate tools

Including online calendar(s) that shows availability per property and property listings on our site and/or other listing sites. If you are planning on managing your reservations using the VRA PRO system then we suggest that you replace your current website calendar(s) with a link(s) to the calendar in the VRA PRO system. This a simple link replacement (a very easy process that we'll guide you through if you need it).

The Calendar, EZ Inquiry Management, & EZ Reservations Management

These are tightly coupled (with the other components of the system) so that using one without the others would lead to inconsistency in the reservation process. Once you start working from a single calendar, you'll be amazed at the improvement in your business workflow and how much time you'll save. Plus, you eliminate any possibility of double-reservation a property - and losing a customer.