The Basics

Our training support consists of three distinct phases.

Initially we encourage you to use our free trial period and set-up one property on the system and see how you fare. If you need it, we will support you in getting your login set-up and putting your property on the system and then give you a brief tutorial to get you up and running. You are then free to call or email us with any help you need. You can start NOW by visiting our sign-up page to create your login and set-up your first property. You will be guided every step of the way by the system prompts.

Once you decide to make the move to the system we will train you on all the aspects of the system, enhancing the knowledge you gained during the trial period. This training is on-going whilst we get all your properties and property data onto the system.

Once you go live we will provide phone support via a dedicated professional for the first month. After that you will be expected to use the support email and telephone numbers provided on our support page. We will still respond immediately to critical issues that arise and provide help and knowledge for issues that arise. You will be notified of any enhancements to the system and are encouraged to provide feedback and a 'wish list' of enhancements as we are continuously creating new features.