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Although virtually all clients have an existing website, you do not need one to manage and market your properties using the Vacation Rental Agency PRO system. Your listings will automatically be entered on our www.myBlueChipRentals.com listing website, where prospective vacationers will be searching for properties to rent. Inquiries and reservations can be entered on this website and managed by our system. Just log in to your account and you're ready to manage all aspects of your vacation rentals online - just without an accompanying website.

Vacation Rental Agency PRO is FREE for 90 days - with No Obligation

Here are the easy steps to get started with VRA PRO vacation rental services:
  • Enter and submit your contact information in our sign-up form to set up your VRA PRO account; we'll confirm by email and contact you by phone to briefly introduce ourselves.

  • Now you'll have your own VRA PRO portal and be able to use the system. We encourage you to actually set up one property (which will automatically be listed on myBlueChipRentals).

  • When you're ready to transfer all of your property management onto the VRA Pro system you need to read and confirm the Terms of Service (in your account).

  • Once that is done we will contact you by phone for System Set-Up and Training. The Set-Up will take 30 days or less, and after some brief training you'll be ready to use the full VRA PRO system and see each of your property listings on myBlueChipRentals and your website.

  • You enter your billing information in your account anytime during the 90-day Free Trial period (which only begins after your system has been fully set up); you can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis.
Note: You can enter your billing information anytime during the first 90 days, and if you decide not to continue for any reason you simply do not renew your service. No recurring billing, and we do not store your credit card information on our system.

If you have further questions about signing-up for VRA PRO, contact us.
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