Real Time Contact With Your Clients

Keep your owners informed and happy
by giving them (selective) online access to their own property calendar and income. They can even make owner blackouts online.

Provide an even better vacationer visitor experience
on your website with easy searches, more property-specific information, real-time calendars, mapping of your properties, use of credit cards (optional), etc.

Market your vacation rentals to millions of people FREE
and get more reservations. Each of your properties will automatically appear real-time on www.myBlueChipRentals.com - which is worth hundreds or even thousands of marketing dollars per year.

Let more potential owners in your area(s) find your agency (and properties) online
Owners talk to other owners but they also look for agencies to manage their properties, online. Your site and listings will now be more visible with VRAPro and www.myBlueChipRentals.com for owners as well.

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